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Core Network Support

TelVal is driven to serve its clients best. Our resources are best positioned to respond in least time to market.

WELCOME TO Telval Services Ltd

TelVal Service Ltd has strong belief that consultant is capable of enriching the daily work-experience of his client, which is exactly what we are delivering to our customer since its inception.

TelVal has maintained an a peerless consistency in its project deliveries in terms of quality, time, and efficiency. We follow simple mantra- good service is not a mysterious enterprise but, rather a product of good listening, responsive planning, consultative attitude and close working relationships between Project Manager, and her clients.

TelVal aspires to create a sense of the value-service through people who relate to and integrate their work and consulting with client and environment. We bring this sense of integrity to the comprehensive range of telecommunications services we provide- Core, Transmission, BSS/OSS, and planning and project management.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, TelVal is continually strengthening its capabilities in BSS-Charging, Core and RAN domains with very successful projects throughout.


Core Network Support

Testing, commissioning, and integration of MSS, BSC, MGw, Blade Cluster, NTP, CBC. Solution Design, Project Management.

LTE 3G 2G Implementation

Core Network Support

- BTS and Transmission Modernisation
- Radio, RNC
- Minilink, Long Haul, SDH PDH
- IPRAN Optimisaton


Core Network Support

- Charging, Prepaid and Mediation systems
- Solution Analysis
- Product configurations
- HW installation, Testing and Integration

About Us


To become the most profitable and most preferred employer to the telecoms professionals by means of becoming most preferred service provider to the clients. TelVal’ vision is to commit itself to the ever-connecting world actively and contribute in its rapid evolution. TelVal's vision is to be the front- enabler to the ever-connecting world actively and contribute in its rapid evolution.

How we started and where are we going?

TelVal was envisioned in a street side discussion, but the idea took a couple of quarters to be cooked fully. The company is operates in Liberia, Virgin Islands, India and Tunisia.

TelVal aims to be most preferred service provider to its clients and top wireless companies in Africa.

Team TelVal

Founders and management team is known for their professionalism, hard-work, deep experience and skills in Core, BSS, and Network Roll-out. Their contribution in many African countries and India is well established. Team TelVal enjoys a reputation within Telecom industry for Competence, Commitment, and Efficiency. TelVal management team has hands-on fifteen plus years' experience in multitude of the domains in wireless Industry. Our teams are known for commitment, has spirit to win, and are consultative and easily understood. The team possesses a business acumen complimented with a vast set of techno-managerial experience in their respective fields.

Our resourceful, creative, and innovative approach has consistently been successful in accomplishing our client’s goals and meets their targets.


Cameroon, India, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tunisia

Our Services

TelVal’s strengths lie in infrastructure solutions like Core, Transmission, RF, and Access. Its rapidly building capabilities in BSS/OSS domain are at par with the industry, while LTE skill development is already underway.

TelVal’s portfolio includes services ranging from access network to BSS/OSS domain; end to end with isolated integrations services are offered in all Telecoms domains below -

Core: RAN/IPRAN RBS, and BSC-Core. Swaps, Upgrades and Migration. Testing, commissioning, and integration of MSS, BSC, MGw, Blade Cluster, NTP, CBC. Solution Design, Project Management.

Transmission: Microwave, OFC, Transmission Planning

BSS/OSS: Testing, and Integration of Charging System (CS) and Mobile Boradband Charging (MBC) Products. Solution Design, Project Management. In 2015 TelVal built compentancies in Multimediation, and CRS Solutions

SI Services: Installation, Commissioning and Integration. Hardware and Software Upgrades /Downgrades, Expansion and Migrations of the Systems and Networks of most Ericsson Products

Solutions Design, Solution Architecture, Planning and Consultancy and Services On-site, On-job Competency Transfer

Managed Services

Active Infrastructure maintenance for BTS Sites

Passive Infrastructure maintenance

Generator Maintenance and DG Servicing


IP Monitoring and Alert Solution.

"Constant network chatter from smartphones and their applications are overwhelming network cores. On normal days they can handle that traffic, but even a small glitch throws everything out of whack" (GigaCom)

"Through 2015, 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues, and more than 50% of those outages will be caused by change/configuration/release integration and hand-off issues." (Gartner)

TelVal have built an innovative solution which essentially aims to keep the MPBN and MPLS caused network outages at lowest. Generally for any failure in MPBN ring, it takes 3 to 5 hours to just detect the point of failure. Our solution reduces this duration to minimal; it eliminates the human diagnosis to spot such a failure, helping operators to reduce the revenue losses due to such failures.


We are unapologetically ambitious and that’s what drives us do better in every aspect we serve our clients. There must be a reason why we are consistently and repeatedly chosen as a service provider.

TelVal is now authorised reseller of Motorola (Professional and Commercial Radio), CISCO, Juniper, Fortinet and MicroTik for Liberia.

TelVal also offers support for IT Network Infrastructure, as well as procurement for Mobile Operators' Infrastructure equipment (electric, generator sets, BTS Towers).


Just send us your resume with your target role, availability, and domain of expertise. We will revert to you with shortest time possible.

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TelVal is an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, castle, creed, economic or social status or disability. Being a true global employer diversity is central part of our "managing for growth" and people strategies.

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